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The Long Shot
"Breaking Barriers"

Who are we?

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At The Long Shot, we aspire to inspire. The Long Shot is an uprising training and development company. We provide empowering personal development workshops for individuals to rise to their fullest potential.


We aim to empower individuals to "ARISE" to their fullest potential


Melissa (Blake 4 years old)

My son has thoroughly enjoyed Coach Ad’s classes - always keen to attend and participate. Coach Adnan is great with the children, he really goes down to their level and encourages them to try their best. Skills are well coordinated with a good balance between structure and fun. Thanks Coach Ad for a great introductory to sports.


Kent Ridge Secondary


Coach Ramdan was so fun and exciting to be with, I was so lucky that I got him as my coach during the program. He actually treated us like a friend and he was so cool that makes me comfortable to talk to him. During one program, it was a bowling lesson and he was in my group. He actually thought me how to bowl the right way and eventually, now I am playing bowling professionally, thanks to him for the encouragement and motivation. After all, the program makes me a better person and Coach Ramdan is one of the coaches that I would not forget to appreciate.

Sharven Sharvin

Special Olympic Singapore

Coach Ramdan is very helpful in training eg like how to teach players how to be better.
Coach Ramdan is like our role model eg teach the players how to upgrade and motivate themself during in sports or workplace or in your future.

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