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​At TLS, we aspire to inspire. TLS was founded with an underdog spirit that offers individuals from all walks of life to tap into their hidden potential and that they are more than their circumstances. 


Founded in 2019, The Long Shot has impacted individuals from all walks of life and the experienced coaches ensure that our workshops and programs are delivered at the highest quality to deepen the impact of individuals for the long run. 

We aim to empower individuals to "ARISE" to their fullest potential

Our Story

In 2019, The Long Shot was established to provide a platform for individuals to achieve greater heights in their life.  The company rode on the waves of the Ministry of Education GearUP program to provide motivational workshops for youths to cultivate positive values and mindset so that they can reach their fullest potential. ​

The company started with two individuals who believe in shaping the next generations of changemakers which now have expanded to different partnerships & collaborations that have the same end goal in mind. 

The Long Shot is a reminder to individuals that they are more than their circumstances. The road to success is never easy. We at TLS believe that hard work, determination and the right mindset goes a long way. We are here to help individuals unleash and discover their fullest potential through our workshops.

TLS Values



To always be in a state of awareness before and after our programs 


To be resilience in whatever challenges and crisis that may arise


To be an inspiration and positive influence to our clients


To act in empathy and selflessness to our clients


To empower our clients to reach their fullest potential


Who are we

"Breaking Barriers"


Strategic Affliations

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