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We will help you reach the "TOP"

Why go the long shot? 

 Every individual should have an end in mind. The longshot gives us the vision to see yourselves in your fullest potentials. Our programs revolve around 3 main pillars - TOP (To have awareness, Observe Opportunities, Making the Paradigm shifts) and for you to reach to the top, TLS adopt experiential learning and life coaching into our workshops.  

TLS workshops are available for schools and corporate organisations. Connect with us to find out more!

What is Experiential Life Coaching? 

 Experiential Life Coaching is mixing the elements of highly fun activities and life coaching together. You will also go through life coaching sessions to create sustainable changes in your mindset and values.

Our Solutions: Services
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Leadership Workshop

Level of Leadership

Values of leadership

 Experiential Activities

Lead from the inside & Life Coaching

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Motivational Workshop

Self-Mastery Tools

The  Underdog Values

 Experiential Activities

Story Telling & Life Coaching

Image by Shane Rounce

Teamwork & Communication Workshop

Communication Tools

Team Values

 Experiential Activities

Laying out the team pathway & Life Coaching

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